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Do you know his aol account?

I’ve admitted to geek adulation a few times here; the latest on the radar (though hardly new) is Michael Lewis:

Lewis: [Five years from now] …a job at Goldman Sachs is about as glamorous as a job at the Chase Manhattan Bank was in 1985 — it’s just not what the brightest sparks want to do. The neatest jobs in finance are venture capital and private equity, but they are smaller, niche jobs. Generally, the financial services sector shrinks quite a bit. There are many fewer people making, taking financial risks.

Greer: And so Michael, I know after Liar’s Poker, you had said that you hoped that “some bright kid, say at Ohio State University, who really wanted to be an oceanographer, would read my book, spurn the offer from Morgan Stanley and set out to sea.” So are we going to see more oceanographers?

Lewis: I think they are not even going to want to read my book. I think this era on Wall Street will have finally come to an end, and people will look at Liar’s Poker as a document from the distant past.

I wish we could sell CraigsList postings on eBay….:

2008-12-03, 10:22AM EST
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