another walk!

In the brisk, crisp and fogless, windless San Francisco evening. Pure delight. I was so motivated to use these muscles (that are literally sore from lack of use!) that I ascended many hills in the ‘hood. It was delightful to breathe the fresh air and to take everything in: looking off to the gorgeous SF skyline to the east, and to the rolling, home-lit dotted hills on the west.

I was able to venture down many quaint side streets I don’t normally take the time (or effort) to see on my runs, and hope I can claim them as “my” neighborhood (‘cuz they sure are nice).

So, while my feet did tingle (and have a few sharp twinges here and there) as I was nearing the end of the loop going down Castro street, it was worth every block: oxygen and movement on a clear SF evening are such gifts!!