How desperate must the measures be?

I mean, times may be desperate…but I’m not sure a bong ever motivated me to do much more than grab some munchies.

Michael Phelps
The Greatest Olympian of All Time


For every yin, there’s a yang:


Date: 2/05/2009

Subject: Hey!

You are no longer in the White Pages!!!!! You must have been impacted! I hope this email finds you well. Someone with your credentials I’m sure will soon, if not already, be in a place where you want to be. Take care and keep up on your blog!


  • “White Pages” = Schwab employee directory
  • “Impacted” = current HRspeak for being laid off and used interchangeably with the oh-so-lovely term “severed”.

Core competencies

Life outside the confines of employment has been utter bliss! Spending each and every minute doing exactly what I want. Sleeping when I want. Seeing who I want, when I want. Working out.

But here’s where I need YOUR help: I think there’s a socialization piece that may be getting lost. What do you think?:

I just received an invitation from a friend who has her PhD in education. She is putting together an event that costs $15/person to:

Come to dance and PLAY together…giving adults the opportunity to rediscover the joy of play alongside their children as well as meet other like-minded families….inside developmentally appropriate ways of playing and engaging to support critical thinking for children ages two through eight years-old.

The evite responses were private, so I failed to exercise developmentally appropriate restraint and fired off my “no” RSVP:

Pay to play? What is this world coming to!

Hey, but maybe it’s not unemployment. I think I just didn’t play well enough as a child.