How desperate must the measures be?

I mean, times may be desperate…but I’m not sure a bong ever motivated me to do much more than grab some munchies.

Michael Phelps
The Greatest Olympian of All Time


  1. At least Michael Phelps has done something besides prove himself to be among the top percentile of pricks in the known universe, which is more than I can say for conference headliner Rudy Giuliani.

    On that note, are any of these people besides Rudy really desperate enough to be playing the Cow Palace? I mean, I saw the superstars of Mexican wrestling at the Cow Palace in 1997. More recently, my friend took the Professional Engineer’s exam there.

  2. The owner of the company I work for is taking us all to the Oakland version of this show. Should be interesting to see if Phelps is still on the marquee, and if he is what his motivational speech is.

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