Conundrum defined

George Ellis, who hasn’t lived in my place for several years, just got a postcard in the US Mail today:

Dear Valued Customer:
In a few days you will receive a survey from us asking your opinion on how well the Postal Service has been serving you over the past 30 days.

Thank you,
Delores J. Killette
Vice President and Consumer Advocate, U.S. Postal Service


  1. That reminds me of a woman who bought a house previously owned by the town’s Post Master.

    After many years, the new homeowner realized she had never been billed for water.

  2. Reminds me of the time we were going through probate on a house. For whatever reason they had to send notices to people who used to be on the paperwork, but they sent it to our address.

    I wrote on it “DECEASED 1978” for my Aunt who died that year. Her husband died even longer ago that that. They STILL mailed more stuff. Finally I called them and found someone to remove the names from their files.

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