Encouraging good behavior

Last month I noted – dumbfoundedly – how certain people make use of the LinkedIn professional networking tool. I subsequently published a counter-example because I was so heartened that all people are not, in fact, utterly clueless. 

And this week I received a message which not only restored my faith in human discretion, but serves as a hallmark example to those who struggle with how to respond to someone else’s unfortunate circumstances. 
It is, in short, to be emulated. As such, it also bears publishing.

Subject: Hey Diane,
Just noticed that you are no longer at Schwab. I’ve got quite a few connections in NYC, SF, LA if you are looking for something, just let me know I’d be happy to poke around for ya.

Although having some time off, I’m sure is fabulous! 🙂

Take care


And on this note, I officially end my own job search. Hallelujah!