now THAT’S customer service for ya!

Elsewhere I recently opined how selling disability insurance must rank down there for weird jobs. Not far behind/below must be “serving clients” at towing/impoundment agencies. I’ve had the chance to personally witness such service through my own travails with the Department of Parking & Traffic and now my friend Kelly – freshly on the scene in San Francisco to innocently record some music at a non-profit community studio – has had her own storied experiences….

We shouldn’t purport to advance conspiracy theories as a general rule, but there is a point when it would be almost irrational to NOT consider such when, in 4 days, one receives 4 tickets…including one for parking in a spot that another fair citizen seems to escape….or for not having a permit which clearly seems to be in existence here….is it possible for an entity such as the city of San Francisco to stalk?? Forgive me for laughing Kel…remember: “it was towed, it wasn’t stolen. I’m grateful. I’m grateful.”