When ivory towers lead to barbed-wire fences

I’ve noted elsewhere how we as humans have our limits when it comes to outrage. Sometimes God blesses us with humor to let off the steam; other times, maybe it’s just a reprieve from thinking about the issue.

When it comes to Gitmo, I’m rather sad to say the latter situation applies, and the reprieve is for tragic reasons. We simply don’t hear about Gitmo because:

1) Other tragedies have grabbed our attention (economic collapse, campaign smears and the like); and
2) W…yes, we can add this to the 3,846* other tragedies left in his wake:

“It is part of a broader strategy not to make difficult decisions about Guantánamo and leave it to the next president.”

— Vijay Padmanabhan, an assistant professor at Cardozo Law School who was until July a State Department lawyer with responsibility for detainee issues

I wonder if the detainees think of this “broader strategy” every morning when they wake up.

*count as of 11:39:43 PST 10 October 2008