Yes, it is possible to over-do it

Monday November 20:
All I wanted was to get out….despite all of the ways my friends are getting me out: driving me to dinner, to church, to baptisms, to Thanksgiving dinners…I just wanted a little “night on the town” – a 2-block walk to the Bi-Rite market, for heaven’s sake.

Of course, I failed to factor in the fact that once I was *at* Bi-Rite I would need to be standing around shopping. Oops. So despite the walk-breaks on the way back – at Dolores Park Cafe and the bus stop…I was POOPED by the time I got back.

Tuesday November 21:
My friend Laura takes me to the doctor. This is a momentous day: I get sutures removed and license to take (brace yourself) a SHOWER!!! Pretty darned exciting. I mean, I appreciate Wet Wipes (trust me, I *really* do now!), but the idea of having *water* be the cleansing agent for my body was starting to sound really appealing. That was, of course, until it hit home that I would be standing on my UNSECURED feet — free of the security and safety of the surgical booties! Eeeipes!! I kept having visions of me falling in the shower…bad imagery – don’t go there – visualize being clean and DONE with the ordeal. I finally made it, but resolved to sit on my butt for future showers.

Sadly, after those two episodes, my feet were finished. The next two evenings (why is it so bad in the evening?) I slept 2-3 hours each owing to the THROBBING pain in my feet.

Will I ever get better? When is it ok to “stretch” things and walk a bit? Stand up? Or do I need to be paranoid aboutit all? Can I ever imagine returning to work or being normal? Discouragement sets in!