From: My Student Loan Servicer

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you have qualified for the NextStudent program by making on-time payments on your CONSOLIDATION LOAN. Beginning with your next installment, we will lower the interest rate on your eligible loans by 1 percentage point for the remaining term.


My life-motto has been:
“If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Could it be that none of my loans are “eligible”? Or that my “remaining term” just expired? Or…?

No, it’s a new season. Here’s to suspending disbelief!

That "I just got towed" feeling

You know, that feeling that you have to pay a whole lot of money to simply maintain the status quo…this has occurred twice in the past 24 hours:

First, in “upgrading” my cell phone account. Translation: after being hit with a frightening $166 bill, I have the option and privilege of paying even $15 MORE per month to avoid paying MORE in the future (or something like that). Even though it made fiscal sense, I gotta say it doesn’t feel good to call up a company that just …er….”hit” you with an exorbitant bill and say, “hey, I’d like to pay you even MORE – on an ongoing basis – because I just paid you so much this month!” Is that counterintuitive or is it just me?

Second, in paying $80 for a locksmith to spend 3 minutes doing some primitive jimmying to get me back inside to progress with my morning routine as usual. No, I don’t know how the back door “locked itself” after my run, but I’m sure the really great guys who came to the rescue this morning don’t care. Once they were gone, all was back to order….the only difference being a larger VISA expenditure for this month….for life as status quo!

But God Bless America for cell phones and locksmiths!