Ok, it’s 5 – not 7 – stars

One of my co-worker/travelers said the Leela is a 7-star hotel and I believed him. It’s technically 5 but I’ll opt for the Spinal Tap exaggeration to 7…it deserves it. Ostentatious and pompous yes. Also, perfect. Perfectly clean. Perfectly light. Perfectly beautiful. Perfectly indulgent and anticipatory of every feasible and conceivable human need one could have. Where do I start? The marble floors. The enveloping linen. The fluffy huge perfectly white towels. The water and amenities abounding everywhere.

Oh – and the mouth-watering breakfast bar at their Citrus Lounge…..the whole affair, plunked right in the middle of intense, chaotic, swarming Bangalore, easily lulls one into a sense that all is good this side of heaven. Plus the VIP treatment (being picked up by multiple cars, whisked away to executive briefings, having your photo snapped in lobbies with kiosks bearing your names!). Can I snap out of it?