Pet Peeves

Peeves. Annoyances. Rant-inducing behaviors. Facial-tick-causing things of life. Because these are really what this blog is all about.

A few top-of-mind ones of late:

1) When the driver I’m with approaches an intersection with a green light and feels the need to ….slow?? …..down…….

2) When the person at the gym uses the common equipment as a nest. And, after I efficiently use all other equipment in the hopes of the offender eventually moving on, I finally ask to work in and s/he suddenly claims to have “just one more set.”

3) When someone interrupts me. It’s effectively being lied to: the “listener” doesn’t really listen despite asking you a question.

And anyone reading this far knows that I am not keen on being stifled.

AT&T. If you really need elaboration…:

AT&T Inc. said Thursday it will start selling iPhones without requiring a two-year contract, but they will cost $400 more …The new phones will still be “locked” to AT&T and won’t work with any other cellular carrier unless they’re modified. AT&T will only activate them on the regular iPhone plans, which include a $30 monthly charge for data access. Prepaid service will not be available.

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