It’s ba-ack…

Actually, attempts to pull me into the ponzi-scheme-o’-the-day haven’t really subsided; I just chose to refrain from posting all of them that have poured in since I first posted on this lamentable practice in June ’07

But today’s email forced my hand; I must vent…

To: (impersonal dist list here)

Hey there!
I would be remiss if I didn’t let ya’ll know about the special MonaVie has going through the end of March. They are waiving the normal $39 start up enrollment fee, so now you can buy MonaVie at wholesale prices. The beauty of this promo is that there is no purchase commitment, no hidden fees, just access to the lowest possible price on the product for one year! It has certainly kept me busier than usual. Good thing I’m drinking it to keep my energy levels up! Rock on acai berry!

So if you are interested, let me know and I can give you further info…just wanted to be sure I let everyone in on a good deal! No pressure….
Here’s to your health!

My burning ontological question: does the fact that something is wholesale make it intrinsically better?

The rhetorical question is: will MonaVie’s salesforce, in its need to stay amped to promote the beverage, be sufficient as a consumer base for the product? Let’s lift a glass to derivative, self-referential economics!

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  1. I so owe you a phone call…but in the space between, there’s your blog. I have to ask, is the Monavie note from a friend? Curious. I got a phone call from someone I hadn’t talked to in ages, real ages, not the ages it seems like since I last spoke to you. This person did the drill of niceties and then launched into trying to get me to sell the stuff. Funny, since I’d never tried it, and by all appearances have plenty of health and energy. My pet peeve: Mining your old “friends” for an “opportunity” which is really your own livelihood.
    you know who xoxo

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