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Alternative title: How Not To Do A Cold Introduction

Note I am often asked to help out people and it’s because I love to. I love making connections and facilitating introductions whenever I can. To that end, I just got an email from a colleague I met at an event 1.5 years ago. Great guy and introduced me to a great company that will be visiting SF from their home base in Eastern Europe.

So imagine how it felt to have him direct me as follows:

“Will leave you [as in, me] to coordinate something [for this person I don’t know] and it would be awesome if you can help him [this person I don’t know] fill up his email list with people who could be customers and should be notified the day the Kickstarter campaign launches.”

Lest you think I’m just a hater, I have already offered some practical tips to doing email intros. Some stuff never gets old!

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