Smile and nod

This is what my coworker Darren Begley taught me to do when things pile up at work – an effective stress-masking response to unattainable demands. They seemed to get that here: all of the feedback I’ve read about in our surveys at work came to life when I was in charge of getting the multimedia going for Gideon’s All-Hands’ talks here. For the first 2 times i was lulled into a sense of confidence by the vigorous assurances of our vendors – “it’s being taken care of.” Thanks to Bill’s enlightenment, I was quickly educated in the realities of what a nod really does (or does not) mean. 2.5 hours later, in the hot auditorium, I realized that furious activity and positive ascent do NOT equal a task being done. A good lesson for me in the realities of our globalizing world.

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  1. I would like to ammend the smile and nod advice I normally give. I find that sometimes a big stick helps too.

    Darren Begley

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