Time with Anna!

What a blessing to be able to see Anna (and Sam!) here…in India! Having coffee at Barista or dinner at Ploof transports us all from the rough, relentless harshness of life here to a “metro-anywhere” feeling – we could be anywhere in the world (and not Delhi ;). It’s so wonderful to be able to see Anna doing some of her favorite things: having coffee, eating chocolate cake, buying shoes, or dressing us up in Saris. It’s so hard to imagine that bright flashy smile not coming out as it does so often when we live in SF; I’m glad it is coming out this week. What a treat!

(it’s still weird to be shooting the breeze withher & Sam in Choko La, the yummy cafe in Basant Lok, and look around & see women in Sari’s and remember, “hey, we’re in India!”)