Best Places To Work

I’ve worked on employer branding at Schwab, Mozilla and continue to support it within Salesforce‘s technology org. Some core employer brand programs I’ve ran include entering employer ratings competitions (I have some issues with these but they are certainly a proxy), managing Glassdoor ratings, and getting general coverage and endorsements for being a great employer.

So when I saw this CNBC coverage of Hubstaff as a Top Remote employer, I was intrigued and, as many would, headed over to Glassdoor to hear what employees were saying directly.

It was here that I encountered perhaps a closer real-world analogy to this beloved @DPRK_News account than the real deal: an HR response to this employee’s review on Glassdoor (screenshots for posterity):

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Unsurprisingly, the enterprise which commodified endorsements continues its profitable human engineering. The latest discovery: training humans to dig down for the thing they want, rather than simply offering it to them.

The reason any self-respecting UX professional would diminish these natural human tendencies is the 2010s most notable invention: growth marketing. It all becomes normal once we are trained.

This may explain this enterprise’s fondness for the producer of the Turk and the Warehouse.

Well, that was fun

I’d never experienced non-biological ‘viral’ until last week, when unwittingly I tweeted:

…which is probably the first Tweet I’ve ever had get RTd or Favorited more than 3 or 4 times. As of this writing, this is close to 1,000 RTs and 800 Favorites.

I pretty much just watched the fun happen without trying to intervene or analyze. All I know is very early on someone I know well favorited it:

J Herskowitz 2nd follow Apr26 Tweet

But only now, as I reflect a smidge on the data, do I see that he was actually technically the “second” favoriter. I don’t think he saw the original though (and, have no idea how she saw it either!):

All Viral Apr26 Tweet

I suspect precise chronological order is not directly tied with ‘virality’ (which is not likely linear, but is rather something like superlinear). So here’s a thanks to sonal for at least teeing up the fun.

1st Follow Apr26 Tweet

Conclusions? Well, people either really love IFTTT; really hate email; both, or…given all the social media analytics power and strategy I put into this, this is likely the best (though I wouldn’t mind it happening again ;):