Innovation is an exciting concept. But when you get into the weeds, you learn that it entails running head-on into the wind, defying the gravity of how things currently work. And so: a lot of fails. While we know these are truly opportunities for learning, they also require a certain admirable resilience.

These kinds of talented, innovative developers and entrepreneurs inspire me, so I want to help them. I help them realize their visions by developing their messages, programs, events and even them. I’m also good at wrangling teams of various people to get stuff done. I love to talk and coach startups.

Before joining Salesforce in October 2021, I’ve had the privilege to work with amazing people at Mozilla, Charles Schwab, a myriad of internet startups, a venture capital firm and an executive search firm, and speak at events including TEDx, South by Southwest, the HTML5DevConference, and the ForwardJS conference.

I went to Stanford University to study history, UC Berkeley’s Haas School to study business, and completed the Coro Community Fellowship to gain a greater understanding of bigger-picture and, perhaps more importantly, multi-stakeholder complexities.

Lots more details on the Professional Me are here.

What you won’t see on that page: I was dubbed the “Internet Princess” in 1998 and I’m a Yelp Elite and Foodspotting Super Spotter. To offset the impact from those last two efforts, I’m a lapsed professional group cycling instructor (most recently at Crunch Fitness).