Data Update from 2019

In the Fall of 2019 I moderated a panel on crowdsourcing:

“Our closing point was:  if you get others’ data, use it only for the intended use case. And as Megan reminds us, “be sure the intended use case is clear; “consent” doesn’t mean anything if people don’t understand what they’re opting into. And if it changes, that’s okay! Just let people know and require them to consent again.”

And now from the July 12, 2023 Insider:

The proposed class-action lawsuit, filed by Clarkson Law Firm in the US District Court for the Northern District of California on Tuesday, accused Google, AI sister company DeepMind, and parent company Alphabet of taking people’s data without their knowledge or consent.

“Google has taken all our personal and professional information, our creative and copywritten works, our photographs, and even our emails — virtually the entirety of our digital footprint” to build its AI products, the lawsuit claims.

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