It’s like a Mach piece, really.

It’s hard to disagree that This is Spinal Tap is one of the best comedies made (but if you do disagree, I will be too flabbergasted to even argue with you).

What I wonder is, just how many rock ‘n roll bands Rob Reiner observed before being inspired to write this opus? So much of this film’s beauty is how insanely well it identifies common themes among rock bands…. truly making this phenomenon stranger than fiction [a small sampling; (1) the ridiculous lyrics; (2) the frustrated manager; (3) the absurd outfits; (4) the divisive spouse].

I propose that we are at that point with technology entrepreneurs. This month alone has featured a preponderance of stories on two well-known Silicon Valley founders and it’s easy to see some common themes emerge…: a genius since childhood….a few failed projects early in the career….an insane dedication to the endeavor….an incredible vision. When I read the latest in today’s New York Times, featuring a photo of the entrepreneur as a 5 year-old, I had two thoughts: (1) Why in the world do I care what this person did at age 5?; and (2) This proves it: the time has come to create a Spinal Tap for Geeks.

I’m not sure we can ever match the brilliance from 1984’s epic piece but….kind of curious what Rob would think….

And, if you don’t know what this headline means….


  1. There's talk of a sequel. Part of me wants to see it, but part of me is affraid to be totally let down by today's commercialism in Hollywood ruining it.

  2. Well, if RobR does it I have a bit more faith but agree that it seems very very hard to match its original brilliance…

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