A brush with extinction

Much to my chagrin, my inordinate need for self-expression has been slowly migrating away from this beloved, cherished forum to Twitter. This entropic pull away from organizing my thoughts in a systematic, comprehensive manner and instead towards regressing into simple, visceral reactions has begun to diminish and impoverish me.

Fortunately, my liberal arts formation was jolted back from hibernation today:

She also wants to … continue to speak her mind on the social networking site Twitter, one of her favorite venues to reach out to supporters.

“She”…yes…..”she”…ummmm….the human being that can reduce me to a mass of inarticulate, suppressed and frustrated energy of stellar (think black hole level) proportions. For all its value it has introduced, Twitter is undoubtedly her favorite venue for the same reason I lament it becoming mine: it is but one of the many roads taking us to Idiocracy today.

Thus I assure you that, as long as she is in the public square, this blog will continue… if only for the sake of preserving subject-verb-object communications and the cerebral cortex as we know it.

However, I am too dumbfounded at this point to say anything more specific on today’s news.

Still trying to warm the super-ego back up.

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  1. That is really funny, Biz. Martin and I were just talking about the fact that Twitter is the ultimate form of Ego. Facebook is bad, but twitter…

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