And I thought it was because I was attractive

All those stares on the street – it’s either because:

Theory #1: I’ve suddenly become completely amazingly hot, or

Theory #2: Walking at .000004 miles an hour downtown and wearing some stupendously odd looking black booties draws attention in its own merit.

At least I also garner soft smiles of sympathy when people stare down unashamedly at my feet. Except for the one woman on MUNI today – she was about 28, completely healthy, and completely miffed when I begged her to let me sit down as my feet were getting tired. She said “ok” but sure wasn’t communicatin’ it! I think she was probably distraught from being on the wrong MUNI line; she’s a #1-California-headed-from-Pac-Heights (ok, or a #38-from-the-Marina)-to-her-Banana-Republic-office-downtown all the way. The sacrifices we ask of people!!