Blogerapy (or, Somebody Stop Me)

Elsewhere I’ve alluded to the allegedly therapeutic value of this potentially self-absorbed exercise currently known to us as blogging. A cursory glance at the number of my posts per month will prove instructive for anyone with actual interest in the degree of my internal angst in a given period (omit the travelogues from this analysis).

But hark: while both I and my external world seem to be leveling off (omit the Motor City and the economy :-0), I’ve undergone a change….insanity: I still need to blog! I MUST, in fact, blog!

This post is a perfect case in point…it exists, despite me not really having anything to say….

Am I now officially and unhealthily dependent upon a medium that will never move me to a better place but just feels so good I can’t stop?

It’s free, though.


  1. I had to get my demure friend Gabe’s comment on this for posterity: “the sheer joy of expression trumped the lack of material.”

    (even the fact that *I* am posting this for him says something doesn’t it?)

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