Bring on the new

Or maybe not so new.
Tony Campolo, for one, has been around forever. Yet I’m thrilled to report that his prophetic-while-pragmatic voice has remained consistent.* Campolo is mentioned in The Root’s piece on faith implications of the New Administration…sample quote:

Where Bush has been a Christian imperialist, Obama will be a Christian pluralist.

Rather than “new”, however, I’d prefer to think of this transition as a “correction”: and not just back to the pre-Bush era, but a bit further…as in, to about two THOUSAND years ago, when Christ ushered in an era where true change can and does only take place at the heart (and not at the political) level. 
Also not new is how much this approach disappoints zealots …now, and back then, too.
*and just learned Campolo’s esteemed comrade Jim Wallis is a fellow Detroiter: hallelujah! We’ll take what we can get!