It me (and us).

Anyone who knows me IRL also knows I’m a strange outlier because I don’t just like to public speak. I love it.

So when the’s “Mastering Remote” folks asked me to join their podcast I was ALL IN. A podcast that focuses on remote work culture, Christine and I decided to talk about the employer branding work I’ve been doing. It was a great (and very fun) opportunity to synthesize so much of the work over the past two years. Full podcast and summary of that is here.

Employer Branding Is Fun (spot the bagel?)

And then earlier this month, my awesome manager Mardi invited me and my coworker Brianna to share how we collectively have worked to improve the employee experience at Mozilla. Like all people-related things, it’s well, never just “one” thing. And importantly, we again had fun. And we hope the 500 or so attendees did too. Check it out here.

Addendum: rather than create an entirely new brag post, i am just adding this super fun interview I did with Julia Levy for The Switchboard!


This week I had the opportunity to help out the inimitable Dave Nugent and his conspirators Brian and Taylor with their first-ever ForwardJS conference. It felt great because:

(1) It aligns perfectly with what Mozilla is all about

(2) Mozilla could support the conference directly by offering a room for a “JavaScript Clarity” class and of course, lanyards!

(3) I could share about all kinds of ways people can contribute to the web at Mozilla with zero sense of opportunism, because contributing to Mozilla *is* contributing to the web.

Super glad Dave & Co are continuing the ForwardJS charge next February 4. And if you’re curious about what I shared, you can see the specifics below: