Death by Dulce de Leche

December 28, 2005

Or, “Eating Your Way Through South America”….I can definitely say God has been answering prayers for health…guess the white bread, high fat diet is what my body needs and PHEW for that!

This delicacy is popular in Argentina and Chile and has captured the hearts of me and my friend May. Along with lomo (ok, that is really May’s thing; I’m not quite there yet :), incredible FRUIT and cheeses and just about anything you eat really (oh, May also votes for submarinos purchased in the myriad of cafes in B.A.). I opted for 3-too-many cafe con leches about a week ago and have been paying for it with dehydration ever since. But not bad enough to take away from the joys of traveling in S. America…not enough time and so much to see in this land of beautiful places and people.