Did we mention the service?…

January 3, 2006

A country of extremes — weather (from rainforest torrents to extreme sun and heat), topography (from mastestic, towering snow-capped mountains to deep, extensive, verdant valleys), temperament (from “no worries mate” Spacolli-like surfer laidback-ism to high-adventure bungee jumping off of several-hundred metre cliffs)…and service: The same country whose police officers allow us to take photos with them after a friendly issuance of a moving violation (payable at your local bank) is also a place where the scrumptuous, freshly made food cannot be served in less than 20 minutes — even when it is pre-made! A mystery which continues to elude us.


Thanks for keeping us informed of your trip, I am wondering whether Ale would be tempted to do the 12 hour trip to get to kiwiland…. any shopping experience besides the nature beauty?