I am no respecter of persons…

….when the person legitimately commands my respect.

Barely 48 hours in and no prisoners are being taken.

In 1651, Thomas Hobbes outlined the dangers of unadulterated libertarianism, stating it leads to a life that is “nasty, brutish, and short.*

In 2008, the New Administration is ensuring this doesn’t happen. Act 1: Rahmbo, whom the Chicago Tribune has rather described as “profane, ruthless and savvy.”

Bring it on, O!

While I have always appreciated the Brits….

….I am really growing in my appreciation of Israelis. Lest anyone accuse me of being starry-eyed for just ONE man.

*this phrase actually became emblazened in my memory as The Red Herring magazine’s unofficial legal counsel circa 1995…. attorneys out there, please take no offense despite intent