Last year, I posted a bit about euphemisms (love that word). In addition to that instance, the same aforementioned physician had earlier referred to my feet as “advanced”….a term which should normally evoke pride but, when coming from a surgeon, connotes something a bit different.

Monday night my should-be carefree visit to Burke Williams Day Spa (thanks to the infinite generosity of my dear friend Jessica) was slightly irked by the comment from my masseuse: my back is “quite impressive.” Of course, initially my mind leapt to “yes, of course I’m buff” but alas, she was referring to the “impressive” degree of knots she barely had time to scratch the surface (so to speak) on….ok, on to the burning question: does a knot positively impact body-fat composition?


  1. Not sure how knots effect body fat, or if they do, but your entry left me wondering what kind of backpack/sack you are using to haul around your daily load. Perhaps additional support would be helpful? My .02

  2. yeah – actually the body fat thing was sort of a joke…

    You’re right though: I am far from optimizing how I schlep my stuff on a day-to-day basis….

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