Integration -cntd.-

“Integration” heretofore referenced indicated “internalisation and incorporation of new attitudes and behaviours into everyday life.” (sic).

As my newly-attained integration has now been published for the masses, I feel the weight of accountability for these new behaviors…er, behaviours*….which as you will see, are fortunately not onerous to undertake. Some documentation:

Requisite raw materials needed to redeem the nature of “banking”: New Mexico registered voter phone list, iPhone, and my Amelie-esque ever-present Obama puppet.

Just one more thing for us parochial elitists is needed: a listing of Obama’s stances on key “rural issues” such as agricultural policy, gun law, and meth…for reals.

Now that we’re All Systems Go, we grab our urban, dark blend fair trade organic coffee from hipster Four Barrels cafe in SF’s Mission District and hide out in the back alley to get to work.

…but despite being fully equipped, I still have some reticence about calling up Jose (qua Joe) in Albuquerque on a Sunday night. I guess integration takes practice. Good thing there’s still two more weeks!

*Sigh. I just love those Brits. This movie provides just some of the reasons why.