It’s that time

The signs are evident:

  • Wincing at the offended glare when I gently brushed someone’s foot on MUNI.
  • Asking the gym member for clarification when her “sorry” was supposed to be heard as “can you please move over?” (this direct request was never verbalized).
  • Becoming enamored with New Journalism again.

Yep: it’s time for my New York fix. They seem to be getting more frequent.

One Comment

  1. Normally I would rant and rave here about how rude our city is getting BUT just the other day I was the one who glared at someone else!!! There is something about the big city lights of NYC though. Not sure if I could handle the weather but I’d love the people.

    Next time someone brushes on my foot while in the line at Safeway – I’ll turn around and smile!

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