NETFLIX is awesome…so is heat

Kelly knew it and ordered me two free months. I’ve watched Citizen Kane, An American in Paris and Cold Mountain.

I’ve also rediscovered my heater: I had written it off based on the estimate of the inspector when I bought the place – he said it was history. And the first furnace guy out here gave me a $5K estimate to replace it and the ducts. IN the absence of the nirvana washer/dryer, I resolved to wear sweaters and shiver.

But the washer/dryer repair saga has dragged out and the idea of a working furnace was getting more attractive every day. But I wanted a second opinion! And the guy from Apollos Heating was either lazy or beyond honest: he assured me the furnace and ducts were fine and it was probably my air filter – like $90. I took the filter out, cleaned it for now (though the junk on it made me VERY nervous – if am still fertile, that may have changed things-!).

And now I use it and it WORKS! I can be WARM at home! Which is totally great because I am about as pasty and vitamin D-deprived as one can imagine. I’ve even calibrated the 40 minute window we get sunshine in our gorgeous garden (part of the beauty comes from the foliage which, alas, can block the sunlight). It’s from 11am – noon. So when I can, I run out and sit in the glare and drink it up. “Vitamin D, pour all over me baby!” Like a cockroach or a Brit deprived of fresh air and sun. Sigh.