new data – should I resurrect the dream?

I don’t want to be a jaded person. I want to believe the best.

Dare I let myself allow for McCain‘s selection of Sarah Palin to signify a move emblematic of the bold, courageous McCain I long for, rather than one of pragmatic tokenism?

It’s easy to let your mind regress to the latter by lazily grasping onto stereotypes: she’s white, from Idaho, is an “evangelical Christian” (loaded term) with 5 kids and was a TV broadcaster (the lower-paying entertainment sector). That said, she also, at great personal sacrifice, opted out of an abortion knowing her baby had Down Syndrome, and has taxed the gas companies so powerful in her realm.

Granted, Alaskans have not proven themselves to be the most discerning lot…and in July Ms. Palin went under investigation for a little vengefulness…but, is that bad…? I liked Kill Bill I. And Kill Bill II. Maybe a little too much.


  1. Well, I don’t know Danah Boyd and am not adding her to my blogroll: I’m tired of using offense as a legitimate debate tactic and even if I DID allow for that, I would be offended that the best alternative she can provide is Meg Whitman (?????). Perhaps that illustrates the core issue: that the pool of Republican women is shallow and McCain is being punished for going out on a limb and picking one of them.
    (p.s. nobody purports that Palin’s personal decision not to abort is the “sole” or even any reason she qualifies for VP and so it is disingenious of Boyd to suggest that. Palin’s decision does, however, demonstrate consistency with respect to policy and decisionmaking that many other politicans do not have).

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