Self I-Don’t-Care

I’m always kind of surprised when I hear people talk about how they need to “take better care” of themselves. That’s never been a challenge for me, who finds it second nature to get:
* Lots of endorphins,
* Quality time with people, with deep belly laughs.
* Quality time alone.
* Gourmet dark chocolate.

…all on a regular basis.

And when the external stressors ramp up, so do I. It’s during these times that I also get:
* More endorphins (plus some vitamin D on top).
* More time with people…but more selectively.
* More time alone….with deep belly tears.
* More spontaneity.*

I’d like to propose that it was this last thing – you know, that spontaneity which permits us to exercise our entitled sense of freedom – that led me to the 280 instead of the 101 to meet a friend at a restaurant located just off the…101…

After rerouting significantly, I managed to get there about 25 minutes late. You can just blame it on the inherent beauty and pull of the 280….all part of my “self care!”

‘Cuz I mean really: selfishness is *so* unenlightened!

* dark chocolate remains a constant