talk about beachball stripes

At work we have a framework for communication that involves getting a diversity of opinions / points of view — the analogy being that “every stripe on the beachball” should be represented.

This trip has provided an incredible array of beachball stripes. It started with corporate IT India in Hyderabad & Bangalore….engaging with the westernized, progressive, educated India we so often engage with in the States. It migrated to the rural and working class India in our exploits in rural Rajasthan….the hotel attendants, the people who take care of the camels, the bathroom attendants, Asif our driver and his family, and the myriad of people we see on the streets. We also saw a rising wealth in the home of the tour agency owner, Anil. Then in Delhi we’ve seen the Gupta home, B9 and the exquisite shops and life in Haus Khas village – and learned what that entails from a social perspective as well through Anna’s stories about Amit’s upbringing at Dune School and such.

I’m sure I’m forgetting many more stripes too….