The sheep & the goats?

Or, Life as a Business Class Passenger. Never before have I more starkly experienced “class” more than in my first real foray into business class…it was there, on Singapore Air, that I had choices….

  • Choices to enter a different (and of course, far shorter) line.
  • Choices to rest my travel-weary body in an exclusive “AirKRIS” lounge (“Kris” has some meaning I am forgetting right now as I type this from the Mumbai airport).
  • Choices to partake in whatever food I wanted in these lounges.
  • Choices to sit upstairs….where the cleaner bathrooms are.
  • Choices to refresh oneself with hot towels brought to you every 30 minutes or so by the ever-so-attentive SAL staff.
  • Choices to have legroom….serious legroom….and to recline my seat in a form that far more closely resembles the humane than “Economy” class affords its ill-fated travelers. This is not trivial.

What a fitting preface to my destination country….