triple citizenship

The other day I was walking downtown and was swept away with a sense of utter audacity when I saw a man sporting an American flag tie (remember, I live in San Francisco, the last city to tolerate the display of an American flag, let alone on an article of clothing which is meant, primarily, to be black). Interestingly, my brain flashed with the following statement: “Sheeeshh what country does THAT guy live in?”

Of course the irony of that statement (as in, the answer would be, er, the United States) was not lost on me…but the whole episode marked an interesting fact: I am now officially a citizen of the Republic of San Francisco, holding many of the attitudes and dispositions that seems to bring. Assuming that I do not, however, have to renounce my US citizenship (the…jury…is out on that one), that means I have triple citizenship: SF, the US, and of course the only real one, the Kingdom of God.

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  1. ya, i returned my citizenship in january. feels pretty good to actually 'like' my country for a change 😉

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