We remain our own worst enemies

When the market nearly free-falls as it did today, the last thing we should be is glib or take any delight in being “right.” So hopefully it is with sorrow rather than smugness that, in light of Congress’ decision today, I can’t help but recall my earlier posts on how to approach key moral dilemmas, and the psychology of risk/reward:

Members of both parties, doing a quick political post-mortem, said those who voted no had encountered too much hostility for the bill among their constituents, and were worried that a vote in favor would be political suicide.

Are our members of Congress exercising, to use Richard Foster’s terms, “creative” or “destructive” power? Is that a rhetorical question? :-p

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  1. i think that congress only has one power… to break and then take a break.

    sorry for the anonymous.. my openid account is being ridic

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