Who *are* my friends?

Or – maybe the nature of friendship is changing? A few days ago I had a girlfriend I hadn’t heard from in nearly 5 years email me out of the blue…she’s not a real emailer…and it was such a pleasant surprise that she just wanted to see how I was doing. Oh, yes, she did also want to “share” with me about a new business she is in and how exciting that is…

I admit, my response – “sounds great but – is it multi-level marketing?” – may not have been the most tactful one. I told her how tired I was to receive “check in” notes from my friends really wanting to sell me skin care or travel products….sure enough, it was the former behind her “let’s get in touch” email. I explained I was beholden to another one of my 8? girlfriends selling that line she was starting…but would still love to hear from her. She said she’d try over the weekend. It’s now 9:43pm Sunday (past midnight in her time zone) and I’m trying to stay positive.

Because it’s really all so exciting!!


  1. I can empathize. I sometimes hear from people after a few years when they computer help.

  2. Tony – you offer your friends computer support? We should so catch up! Oh, let me introduce myself…

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