It me (and us).

Anyone who knows me IRL also knows I’m a strange outlier because I don’t just like to public speak. I love it.

So when the’s “Mastering Remote” folks asked me to join their podcast I was ALL IN. A podcast that focuses on remote work culture, Christine and I decided to talk about the employer branding work I’ve been doing. It was a great (and very fun) opportunity to synthesize so much of the work over the past two years. Full podcast and summary of that is here.

Employer Branding Is Fun (spot the bagel?)

And then earlier this month, my awesome manager Mardi invited me and my coworker Brianna to share how we collectively have worked to improve the employee experience at Mozilla. Like all people-related things, it’s well, never just “one” thing. And importantly, we again had fun. And we hope the 500 or so attendees did too. Check it out here.

Addendum: rather than create an entirely new brag post, i am just adding this super fun interview I did with Julia Levy for The Switchboard!


In April 2019 I cautioned about the advent corporate surveillance. I went on to add a few postscripts that track the dystopian unwinding, but I thought I’d do a separate post lauding my prophecy here. Because who doesn’t need a Worker Productivity Score?

This week we learned that Microsoft really does want you to live you best life (or rather, Viva). And they can help us “address complex challenges and respond to change by shedding light on organizational work patterns and trends.”

Even better: Amazon is ensuring that all kinds of work will be addressed.

Are you relieved?

p.s. will it all be coming back home soon?

Sign o’ the Times

Last night I learned we won Big Game (confession: I learned this through Michael McFaul). While I did lead marketing at a football startup, I think my colleagues would admit they’d hired me more for my communications skills than my knowledge of the game.

But of course, I had to reach out to my friend about it. The one who played football for Cal. Sure he’s remained deeply involved with Cal Football and even led significant fundraising efforts for Cal Athletics … but I had to be certain that he was aware of this development.

And it was important that he knew about this play. And this one!

Once the banter subsided(ish), he concluded with this. Which really is just a sign of the times, is it not?

I believe Stanford cheated. Rigged!! Nobody gets two kicks blocked. Half the points were fraudulent. I want a recount of the points. Cal won if you only count the legal points! We should still have the axe!