Core competencies

Life outside the confines of employment has been utter bliss! Spending each and every minute doing exactly what I want. Sleeping when I want. Seeing who I want, when I want. Working out.

But here’s where I need YOUR help: I think there’s a socialization piece that may be getting lost. What do you think?:

I just received an invitation from a friend who has her PhD in education. She is putting together an event that costs $15/person to:

Come to dance and PLAY together…giving adults the opportunity to rediscover the joy of play alongside their children as well as meet other like-minded families….inside developmentally appropriate ways of playing and engaging to support critical thinking for children ages two through eight years-old.

The evite responses were private, so I failed to exercise developmentally appropriate restraint and fired off my “no” RSVP:

Pay to play? What is this world coming to!

Hey, but maybe it’s not unemployment. I think I just didn’t play well enough as a child.


  1. Truthfully, I WOULD pay to glean wisdom from someone else on education and my daughter.

    Be careful about criticizing those in the parenthood…

    you may very likely end up there yourself someday!


  2. Did I criticize a parent? Forgive me for that too! See, poor socialization…time for me to start to learn to take scolding.

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