good luck with Your Nonsense

In November I got to hear Henry Cho do standup; when querying the audience about current vocational pursuits, he proceeded to wish one member in grad school “good luck with Your Nonsense.”

Fast forward to this week: the world was riveted by the climactic launch of Apple’s iPad tablet…and a flurry of developments around geolocational services led to l’il ol’ me somehow serendipitously talking to a BusinessWeek reporter about why I love to “check in” to places so much….why being “The Mayor” is so addictive and hoarding Virtual Collectibles so satisfying….and other momentous topics of the day.

When my head stopped spinning from the giddiness of it all, I wandered through the various Ferry Building shops, trying to check in to each one, and was paralyzed by the 5-minute limit that Yelp happens to place on checking in to different spots (in contrast to Gowalla which lets you “faux”-walla into as many places you want regardless of when you do so – as long as you are proximate of course yadeyadeya…).

I only regained lucidity when, not knowing what to do with myself because I was unable to check in every second, I meandered over to a bench because it was located next to some sorely-needed power outlets for my Apple products and struck up a conversation with Eddie.

Eddie was enthralled by all of my gadgets. He had no idea why I was (unsuccessfully) trying to log in with a wireless card, why I needed to use my phone and laptop at the same time, and why I needed to sit 3 inches from a power outlet in the first place. This is because Eddie is unwired. And as it turns out, he also happens to be the Real Mayor of the Ferry Building.

Untethered and free. What was all that stuff I was trying to tweet, log in, check in and post to again?


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