The changing user interface of life

I never fully grokked why my friend is *so* passionate about his iphone and, well, all things Apple in general. Sure, they’re brilliant at product development and execution. Yes, Steve Jobs is a marketing genius with an unparalleled ability to create an upswell of consumer demand.

But to bring the latest SDK specs with you on a vacation to Thailand? :0)

Now, however, I get it. I at last have the latest-greatest elite toy and for starters, all the pent-up demand for music that my ipod-less experience to date (Shuffle doesn’t really count folks) is alone transforming my reality into an immersive, escapist delight.

And I KNOW I haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to appreciating the elegance of the device’s integrated design and to leveraging the Brave New World of AppleStore applications being promulgated as I type.

The horror of it all is that now that I can access Facebook 24X7, the reactionary makers of the beloved Mr. Potatohead I referenced in an earlier post have pulled an RIAA and decided to use the courts rather than customers to decide what products we have available to us. What will I now do with my insane amount of discretionary time??

Let the market decide!!!