The Return to the Fortress

This is what my friend Julie named my new place….which has, as my friend Kelly later recited to me (after heaving up a backpack full of groceries) FIFTY-ONE steps (I counted 54 later because I included some shifts & turns she gracefully omitted).

Yes, my friend Lisa came by the Woods, partook in scrumptious Shirley-made fare and took me back to the Fortress, which I ascended gently and gingerly on my derriere. Whoever does crutches UP stairs, let me know ‘cuz I don’t get that. Though I did ditch the crutches a few days prior anyway – they HURT!

Lisa took great care to make sure things were positioned where I needed them to be: chair in the kitchen, chair in front of the bathroom sink, blankets on the front couch (I have a futon flat on the ground in the bedroom – the bedroom set didn’t survive the move), and then it was just me. Here.

I have this thing about sleeping IN your bed….so I relented and moved my stuff back there. And I survived!