You mean I can’t just yank this off your foot?

That must have been what my doctor was thinking – otherwise why WOULD he have done that during my 2nd visit? See doc, the thing is, these post-surgical booties have velcro at the bottom AND THE TOP of the foot …I would have THOUGHT you’d known that from all the patients you see…but you surely must have, well, FORGOTTEN…or, forgot that I just had surgery? Peeling a bootie off the top of a post-bunionectomy foot is not the most kind gesture.

After I got over that shock, it was, however, nice to see the x-rays of me pre-op and on my first post-op visit. That is also when we got to see the “K-Wire” pin inside my foot. My friend Kelly was pretty excited to take it all in. She’s a doctor wanna-be. Who else would want to sit IN the room with you and see your Frankensteinian feetsies? Every time they take the bandages off, I am reminded of how little I am bathing and feel like a mummy. My feet are essentially mummys’ feet. I have one over on Steve Martin: I gotta “condo mada stona” AND the feet to match.