On an ongoing basis, for the love and grace of God. But most recently and more temporally, for Cafe Gratitude! Let me explain–

A few years ago, a phenomenal culinary delight for organic, raw vegan folks thrived on Valencia Street – it was called Urban Forage and it was a haven for that .005% of the population that seeks out raw, organic, vegan food. I often thought it was too good to be true that body pierced hippy types could run a business…and alas, I was right: it flamed out in less than a year. I mourned for quite a while. Then my friend Kelley gave me a gift certificate to a place in the inner mission called Cafe Gratitude…I could never bring myself to using it because I never thought anything else would match up to the heights that Urban Forage took me.

Luckily, my friend Antonio – another health foodie – assured me we should meet there. And now my pocketbook will never be the same. Ok, there is a “forced feel-good” vibe that sort of permates the place (for example, there is a “question of the day” that goes along the lines of, “what do your friends love most about you?”; and all menu items begin with “I AM…” – I assume it is not heretic….) – but – the fare is to die for! I went twice this weekend. Somebody stop me!!

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  1. You went a 2nd time on the same weekend!? LOL
    Well, if you want to go again on Sat, I’d probably be up for it.

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